Bow Ties Are Cool! Shopping for Bow Ties? Priceless!

TRHSC 2013.03.26 Fedora & Bowtie

Clothes shopping. That’s what we had to do today so we didn’t do very “school-y” things. My son learned that he loved learning to shop for clothes. I learned my son has quite an interesting stye!

My sister gave us a ton of clothes, which is a huge blessing to us, but…..(yes, there is always a but.) 1. The style of clothes my son likes to wear is not always that of his cousins, and 2. My sister blessed us with an quite an abundance of clothes! I’d say that’s a good problem to have. We have picked out what worked for Aja and now we will pass the blessing of clothes on to others. Win/win.

We started at Burke’s. Aja surprised me by holding up a pair of “skinny jeans”. He then went on to find Doctor Who-like shirts, a fedora and a bow tie. Yes, I said bow tie. Bow ties are cool, you know! My little Whovian proceeded to say, “Now I know why you ladies like to shop!” LOL

After our clothes shopping adventure we conquered Kroger. Supermarket math is always more fun than worksheets, but not today! I was in somewhat of a hurry so Aja ended up sitting in the shopping cart….reading.

Finally, we went home to finish going through the excess clothing he has. The rule of thumb in our house is for every new item that comes in, one like item goes out. Gotta keep the clothes horse down to a dull roar, you know.

Tomorrow we will begin our salt crystals experiments. Can. Not. Wait. 🙂

Peace & Love...Gina