Below are a few memes, bloghops, link-ups & blogrolls I hope to participate in as I have the time. I’ve made somewhat of a “schedule” of posts, but I’m not sure if I’m being realistic or not. I’m sure going to try! Some are homeschool related and some are not. If you have any suggestions for link-ups for me please post them in the comments! Thank you! [Updated: 09.18.2017]



  • Shadow Shot Sunday 2 
    I hope to post and link up to this each week. I love photography but there is never enough time in the day to do all the things I want to do. 


  • 34 Weeks of Clean – Rinse and Repeat 
    This is not a link-up but something I’m hoping to follow along with if she does it again in 2018. If not, I’ll be doing it it anyway and I’ll post my results to this on Saturday’s. 



  • – – –
  • [Note to self: Post ‘Made by You Monday’ today.] ♥


  • Throwback Thursday Blog Style
    I’ll be posting to this as I can since I don’t have very much content yet! 🙂  
  • [Note to self: Post Throwback or Thankful Thursday type stuff but no link-up.] ♥



  • – – –
  • [Note to self: Post ’34 Weeks of Clean’ results today. (In 2018)] ♥


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